About Us

This wonderful, romantic, traditional family story began 50 years ago.  Alfredo Gonzalez fled his home in Cuba to follow his dreams for a better life. He settled in New Jersey in 1968 where he began work in a textile factory. With a sweet tooth and the love of a young woman who worked in a bakery close to the factory, Maria Fanego became a part of his life. She had also fled Cuba with the same dreams. They both had a passion for the hospitality and food industry. They married in 1968 and shortly after 3 boys arrived. Alfredo Jr, Alejandro and Adrian. Alfredo opened three different bars and promoted clubs in New Jersey but as the boys grew up they decided to sell everything, pack up their station wagon and head south.  With an unknown future they finally made it to Miami Beach and rented a small two bedroom apartment. While settling into their new surroundings and speaking no English they started to look for an opportunity to introduce Cuban Cuisine to Miami Beach.

In the small area of Normandy Island in 1976, Alfredo found a small diner for sale. He bought the diner, introduced his signature formula and the place was a great success. They called it “three Boys luncheonette”.  South beach in the 1970’s was mainly a retirement community “known as God’s Waiting room” but in 1977, Alfredo was to find his little gem.  A small café in the center of south beach called David’s Cafe. This had been a Jewish deli since the 1940’s.  They bought the café with a huge vision that the old retirement community would change and become a vibrant, multicultural place. The café blossomed and with all the recipes created by Alfredo and Maria personally throughout their years, they had found their little gem in the then up and coming south beach.

All the hard work paid off and this dream and vision became a Cuban /American institution.  A place where two worlds came together.  In 1993, when Lincoln Road was still finding its way, they opened David’s Café II. Today the Gonzalez family keeps their dreams and traditions alive, as both restaurants are still family owned and operated for 33 years. We invite you to come and experience this family gem Cuban restaurant in the heart of the thriving South Beach.