Rapper Nas was in town to perform at Alan Roth and Tommy Pooch’s newest lounge Ricochet last week. The event, sponsored by Spotify, VICE and 42 Below Vodka, featured the 38-year-old performing such hits as If I Ruled The World, Street Dreams and One Time from his best selling albums.

We chatted him up on his upcoming album, why he likes Miami and how he’s managed to stay in the rap scene so long.

Why did you decide to perform Miami?

Alan Roth asked me to come. He’s a good friend. Miami is a great city which I have tremendous respect for. I wouldn’t have passed it up.

What are you working on these days?

I’m coming out with an album next year. I’m getting my music ready and working on it constantly. There’s no theme to it. Each song

is about something totally different than the last. It’s about regular life.

You were a high school dropout; how did you get where you are today?

Just not wanting to go down and be one of the ones who got trapped in the streets . . . . I just wanted to make sure I took advantage of my time here, and I guess I had some people praying for me.

The tattoo on your arm says “destiny.” Is that a reminder to stay strong in such a competitive industry?

It’s my daughter’s name. I’ve always been happy with the little things in life. I don’t need that much to be happy. I’m not depending on

tons of things for it. I think I’d be crazier if I were to be dependent on certain accolades or material things. I’m real good with waking up another day.

As far as your music and writing, what does it mean to you?

Writing is good for you. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s good to work yourself and try yourself and see what you come up with.

Your father was a musician. Did he inspire you?

Yeah, definitely. But I was usually inspired by Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5 and Run DMC. Those guys really spoke to me. Miles Davis too. I really like jazz. It’s smooth.

Where would we find you eating in Miami?

I like Grazie. I like Italian food. I like Joe’s Stone Crab and David’s Cafe.

What has kept you going all these years?

Faith. It is what it is. You can’t control anything. There’s pressure with everybody and with anything you do. I’m just glad to wake up every morning and know I’m here for a reason.

If you were to give advice to your young fans, what would you tell them?

Do a lot of reading on books about whatever they like. I read. I think it helps with my writing.

Annie Vazquez


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